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5+ Top Tested Methodologies that Produce Results

  • John Mullins’ 7 domains

  • Lean sales

  • Lean startup

  • Venture Capital

  • ASAP strategic market research

  • Madri+d business mentoring

10+ Quantitative & Qualitative Metrics to Accelerate Progress

  • Revenue increased

  • Costs avoided

  • Personal recognition

  • Time saved

  • Investment secured

  • Sales closed

  • Business systems set

  • Productivity growth

  • Financial control

  • Team management

  • Leads generated

  • Customers engaged

  • Market traction

  • Learning gained

  • And more!

3 Flexible Working Formats for Any Budget

  • Coaching. Working 1:1 with me to improve specific skills

  • Advising. On retainer for executive advice

  • Consulting. Projects with a scope of work

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Miguel is a Business Mentor Certified by Madri+d (Nr. 03-007/17), which is the only business mentoring program in the world with the prestigious ISO 9001 quality certification.

Who am I,

Miguel Á. Trujillo

An obsession with business growth led me to help company owners, CEOs, and entrepreneurs reach their goals. This is made possible from the thousands of hours I have spent studying and perfecting my craft.

  • 20+ Years of Experience

  • Manager of 12 companies in 4 countries

  • 100+ international executives, start-ups

  • and growing companies coached


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“Miguel is the best Mentor I have used to date. He changed my approach and focused on what I should be spending time on. Miguel is so professional and his advice is actionable, he will help to move any needle. My advice? Get his advice. Book a call with him now!”

- Denis McCaul

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I have 100+ positive reviews at my LinkedIn and GrowthMentor profiles. Feel free to contact any of those persons and ask them about me. That’s what I would do if I were you.

I have 20+ years of experience serving and helping dozens business in 10+ countries, so it’s very likely that I have been involved in challenges similar to yours. But coaching is not only giving you out-of-the-box solutions, but also asking powerful questions so that you can discover your own solutions. That combination guarantees an understanding and an original way to tackle your business problems.

I own my business, so I face business challenges every day. I worked for international companies and organizations such as Kontomatik, Sequra, EBAN, or FundedByMe in fields such as technology, investment, and finance. I paid and studied an MBA, dozens of courses, executive education seminars at IE Business School, and I teach business in European Accelerators and at DoinGlobal in Silicon Valley. Finally, I invested in several business and startups, with some successes and some failures. All that experience will be available to service you.

I recommend starting with a 5-session coaching package: enough to get a good taste of my work and start getting results for a very reasonable investment. And, with a very modest sales increase or cost reduction (usually between 1-5%) you will get a return on your investment. Still, if you don’t get results or dislike working with me I am happy to give you a full refund in exchange of your detailed feedback. I am not perfect and your criticism will be invaluable to make me a better professional.

I cannot control all the factors involved in your business, but if you follow my recommendations or change your behavior, you should see results in weeks or a few months. For example, setting up a sales process should free time for other things in a matter of 3 months. Other deep changes take longer, such as raising VC money (6 months at least) or increasing yearly revenue. But do not freak out about the final metric: we will check the intermediate metrics, which are the real measure for progress, and you should start seeing positive results in 1 month or 2.

Nobody goes too far on his own. Even the greatest performers have coaches. Take Rafa Nadal, the Spanish tennis player who I deeply admire: he has been #1 tennis player in the world, he is still among the top ones, and he trusts his coaches like hell! I have the experience, I am not that expensive, and I am not (yet) that famous to have my agenda booked for months. This is likely to change in the future, so take advantage of my being good, affordable, and available before I need to increase prices or reduce my time to be able to work with you.

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